Lending their musical talents and voices:

Nariza Paras

Angela Vilchis

 John Todd

William Stader

Brian Wilson

Meryn Di Tullio

Ian Thurston

Bob Kinney

Kevin Paras

Ryan Kopp

Special Thanks to:

Chris and Marion Wirsig

Michael Todd



Heat of the Sun - Winner 2010 at the WCS Martinez Armando's

Thread Through the Needle - Winner Best Song 2013 WCS Berkeley Freight and Salvage

Travel On - Inspired by AMC's Walking Dead - Vocals by Nariza G. Paras and Performed by The Liza Marie Sparks Project

Steal the Air -  Inspired by AMC's Walking Dead - Vocals by Nariza G. Paras and Performed by The Liza Marie Sparks Project

Long Way Down - Written and Inspired by "Vampire Diaries"  (entered in the WB's Network song entry contest.)

Good Girl Gone

The Immortal

Music made through Story

Inspired by Penny Dreadful

Inspired by AMC's 'The Walking Dead'

Down by the Bank


It Gets Me Down 

featuring Angela Vilchis

Written by: Liza Marie B. Sparks/ Vocals: Angela Vilchis / Bass & Drums: Brian Wilson / Electric Guitar: John Todd / Acoustic Guitar: Liza Marie B. Sparks / Recorded Feb 25, 2014 D- Control at Ex'pression College Emeryville, Ca. Special Thanks to Michael Todd, Audrey Howard, Ivan (instructor) & the students who recored this session.

Travel On tells a story set in a zombie filled post-apocalyptic world, where one woman who struggles to find her place within a group must find the strength & will to persevere. Will she find the courage to remain with a group whose leader dismisses her at every turn, or will it be too much...and will she have to travel on.

Song influenced by AMC's 'The Walking Dead'
Video Created by Ex'pression College, Emeryville, Ca: Johnny Niera, Brian Bisby, Ivan Yip, Connor Vickers 2013
"Travel On" (Music and Lyrics by Liza Marie B. Sparks) Vocals by Nariza G. Paras, Guitar by Liza Marie B. Sparks, Guitar and Lead Guitar by: Bob Kinney, 12 String by Ian Thurston, Background Vocals and Harmonies by Liza Marie B. Sparks...Recorded May 2012 at Ex'pression College in Emeryville, Ca...Mix by TiptonArts! Thank you to my friends and family who have created the "Liza Marie Sparks' Project"!