Recording Day - Is Your Head In the Game?

The other day I went with my friends who, practically rearrange their lives, to graciously record my songs. How I thank them for this. 

 However before heading out, I had two conversations with two different people that were both stressful and disagreeable. I did what I could to remedy both conversations however it just was beyond my control. Later one apologized giving reasons for their short temper. The other, a phone call of "this and that"...  

By the time we pull up to the front of the studio, my excitement is transferred to something more negative and the thoughts "please let me do well today" are looming and looping quietly in the back of my head even while smiling and greeting my friends.

One by one we unpack each instrument and work out what we can. Still a the day had to end and there was no recording produced. My head wasn't in the head wasn't in the game.

However, the good news is... there is always the noodling and goofing around on camera that's caught. Thank goodness for this. Oh, and did I mention? The place we recorded at was purchased by another company and no one there new my history with the place... which made everything more for the challenge.  But my friends... who are excellent musicians... fantastic... I can't express how many times I have and will never stop saying... thank you.





Liza Marie