Chris Wirsig

Chris Wirsig

Chris Wirsig

"Wirsig takes the soul of sound
and uses it as a weapon"
(Jaded Culture)

Composer, Songwriter, Producer of Dark Intense Soundscapes,
from Electro Pop to electronic/acoustic and epic orchestral score.

Chris Wirsig enjoyed classical training on piano and saxophone, studied audio engineering at SAE Technology College and has more than 20 years experience in music production. Apart from other projects he started the acclaimed Electro Noire bandno:carrier in 1995 and the Electronica/Chill-Out project Virtual Conformity in 2001.

His music can be heard in games like the acclaimed Top Ten iPad game “Alien Tribe 2”, the short mystery movie "20 Matches" and in TV shows on ABC, E!, MTV, Audience Network/DirecTV and others. His music is available for licensing via his own library Counter Communications as well as other libraries like Lab Hits, Burnett Music Group, Atrium Music, and Pink Shark Music.

Chris is living in Los Angeles, he can be reached via email  (info@counter-communications.com) and followed on Facebook, Instagram (@chriswirsig) and Twitter.

Liza Marie Sparks

Liza Marie Sparks is a Singer-Songwriter based in the SF Bay Area.  Liza Marie's southern raised roots lend to her story telling style of writing. The melodies that accompany each song can be played as an instrumentals.  Liza Marie started writing poetry and moved into music late in life.  

Liza Marie has worked with the students at SAE's Expression College in Emeryville, Ca where she met producers like Jay Messina.

Liza Marie is a member of the West Coast Songwriter's Organization.


Winner, Best Song, "Heat of the Sun" 2010
Winner, Best Song "Does Me Good" 2012                                                          

Winner, Best Performance "Down by the Bank"                              

 Winner, Best Performance "Immortal"

Working with Counter-Communications


Liza Marie started working with Chris Wirsig writing and producing music.  Liza Marie's southern based roots lend to her storytelling, often matching the projects and interests of Chris and Counter-Communications,  Liza Marie has collaborated on several projects which include, "Urban Creep",  specifically targeted to Games, Film and TV Cues.


Special thanks to:

Marion Wirsig, Bob Kinney, Jeff McMoyler, Jay Messina,  Chuck Tennin, Joel Jaffe, Shilo Hobel,  Laura Van Galen,  Ian Crombie, Joanie Crombie,  Allison Williams, 25th street Recording,  Kevin Frazier, Brad Sears,  Carlos Zaldivar and the Zaldivar Family, Nomi Yah, Nariza Paras,  Meryn Di Tullio, John Bennett, Mrs. Brown, Noelle Joy Luna, LYN AMY Casas